Why we do what we do

At Ruth’s we’re passionate about helping you reach optimal health. Each of us has worked her way through personal health problems, a process that instilled in us a drive to help others. If we can make you feel better, we feel better; it’s as simple as that.

We want you feeling good and looking good. That’s why we stock a wide variety of top-quality products: immune aids, brain boosters, non-toxic skin care, organic essential oils and much, much more. We believe in going the extra mile. We’re glad to special order customer-requested items or deliver prepaid products to your car when your life’s too hectic to spend time in the store.

We study our craft, regularly attending both medical and natural health conferences, in order to share the latest information possible.

We take the time to listen, hear your story and offer the best solutions we know. The road to good health begins here; let’s get started together!

Meet our Team!

Anita Eisenberg

Health Specialist

Anita has been in the health care business for more than 25 years, cataloging a vast knowledge of illnesses, products and their appropriate uses. Ask Anita a question and you’ll likely get not only an informed answer but also an amazing amount of detail. Here at Ruth’s Nutrition, she’s fondly known as The Walking Encyclopedia.

Christine Dennis

Health Specialist

Christine has a passion for children; just watch her light up any time a child is around. No wonder then that she’s made understanding children’s ailments, health, and happiness her priority. Not only is she great with kids, she’s a maven when it comes to aromatherapy, skin care — and our displays. If you’ve seen one of her gift baskets, you know she knows how to make things look good.

Barbara Musso

Health Specialist

Barb has been a registered nurse for more than 40 years, working in the operating room and in gerontology before joining the Ruth’s Nutrition team. She’s long been interested in alternative healing modalities, studying reflexology and learning to understand the subtle energies of the body. Known for her big heart and her caring listening skills, Barb has become a customer favorite.